Outdoor and Active

Nature is their playground

The Great Outdoors is just that for this audience: great. Hillwalkers, mountain bikers, wild swimmers and woodland ramblers, they love nothing more than getting active outside – suitably equipped, of course!  They often travel to explore their passion.

We reach and inspire these outdoor enthusiasts. They’re typically 35+ professionals with a strong interest in the best in clothing, accessories and equipment for all weather and terrains. 

Key facts


UK trips a year


Enjoy outdoor walking


Users across this audience

How to reach this audience

We develop bespoke campaigns across our digital channels on a CPM basis. Here are three key ways to engage:

Digital display advertising

Using standard IAB creative or rich media assets, you can position your brand or business alongside or trusted online editorial.

Bespoke audience build

Our custom-built data segments are powered by entirely first-party data (no cookies), leveraging hundreds of data points. We can share these segments with you to amplify activity elsewhere and offer rich, actionable audience insight.

Active insight

A campaign that learns as it goes, filtering and optimising by user engagement. Launched across our digital network, your campaign is adjusted in real time based on audience views and actions, ensuring the best return on your investment.