Our new partnership to empower young people in Bristol

Our Media and award-winning Bristol youth empowerment social enterprise Babbasa have announced a strategic partnership for 2022, which will focus on helping work-ready young people find high-quality work opportunities.

The partnership will mean significant support for Babbasa’s growth and will not just take the form
of charity fundraising and mentoring but will also include offering jobs and work experience for
Babbasa’s young people at Our Media.

Babbasa’s Bridge to Equality Report found that young people in Bristol anticipate less stable
employment opportunities than before Covid-19, reflecting a national picture where 40% of young
people see their future career prospect as ‘bleak’, with 14% experiencing fear. Many young people
also reported that though their career goals did not change, they feel ‘stuck’ and ‘frustrated’ due to
their inability to progress at this period.

“Babbasa is a fantastic social enterprise, and we’re delighted to support their important work, providing young people in Bristol with the opportunities to realise their career ambitions.”
Andy Marshall | CEO | Our Media

“We are hugely grateful to Our Media for their generous
support and we look forward to working closely with them to help meet the needs of disadvantaged and diverse young people to support them to access these fantastic opportunities.”
Poku Osei | Founder and CEO | Babbasa

For further information please contact Emma Cooney at Our Media (emma.cooney@ourmedia.co.uk) or Kate La Tour at Babbasa (kate.latour@byep.org.uk; 07939 071965)

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