WWF Adoptions

We created a kid-friendly Adoption journey for WWF

Our brief

With almost 400,000 subscribers, WWF’s animal adoption programme is one of the charity’s most important fundraisers. Adopters receive three updates a year on their chosen animal, but until now they received the same update regardless of their age. With around 75,000 adopters aged under 12, we knew a bespoke childrens’ update could increase engagement and retention.

Our solution

As part of a complete refresh of WWF’s Adoptions updates we created two separate magazines: the standard update for adults, based loosely on the existing magazine, and a brand new update for adopters aged 12 and under.

Creating bright, bold and busy layouts, we commissioned a series of character illustrations representing the people working around the world to protect wildlife. Each species has their own character to increase engagement and lead readers through each update.

Working with specialist wildlife writers and drawing on our in-house expertise in children’s publishing, we tailored the content to suit a younger audience, incorporating plenty of facts, puzzles and activities alongside the animal news. And we chose an A4 format (versus the adult update’s A5 size) to better accommodate posters and colouring-in pages.

The results

We also rebranded each species as a ‘team’ (Team Tiger, for instance) to increase readers’ feeling of involvement and being an active part of WWF’s work.

• 12 new children’s magazines created – one for each species – to be mailed three times a year

• 73,500 young supporters reached

“Our Media’s team impressed us creatively, and with their understanding of the market, the way we work as an organisation – and the enormous logistical challenges involved.”
Camilla Palmer | Supporter Engagement Editor | WWF-UK
“We can’t wait to share this wonderful piece of editorial with our younger supporters. We hope this new addition to our portfolio will bring our adoptions to life even more for children, engaging them with content they’ll love!”
Katie Dogra | Head of Supporter Engagement | WWF-UK

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