WWF-UK’s Kids’ Adoptions Font

We created a unique font for WWF-UK’s Kids’ Adoption updates

Our brief

Our Media won the contract to produce WWF-UK’s Adoptions updates in December 2019. The brief involved creating 12 species-specific publications three times a year, with separate updates for adults and children. We redesigned the existing adult update, and devised a new update for 5-12-year-olds from scratch.

Initial proofs showed that the handwriting-style font used in the kids’ update contained certain characters that were hard for children to read. In the absence of a suitable existing font, we recommended to WWF that they create their own font that could be tailored to the audience. OM took on a new brief to create a font that’s comprehensible, clear and different from the handwriting font used in WWF’s other kids’ publications.

Our solution

To get a diverse range of fonts, we sourced internally for handwriting submissions. We received over a dozen and selected five that most closely matched the criteria we’d set. These were sent to WWF with our reasoning for choosing those five, and our recommendations on which of the shortlisted options would work best.

WWF chose the most suitable of the five. Through our design expertise, the selected handwriting was transformed into a font, with only one round of client amends.

Creating a unique font was the most effective solution as it enabled us to incorporate particular characters as required by WWF. It also allowed us to design an authentic and fun font to add dynamic elements to the updates’ layouts.

The results

Part of the feel of the creativeness of our kids’ Adoption updates is the  ‘scrapbook’ vibe. Readers are invited to draw, colour, stick and cut out various elements of the magazine. To emphasise this, we needed a handwriting-style font to complement the rest of the written content. It needed to be fun, accessible, versatile, legible and unfussy. Our Media delivered and we now have a beautiful, unique font we can use across all our Adoptions content, following a quick and drama-free process. Thanks, OM!.”
Camilla Palmer | Editor | WWF-UK

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