Bringing keen buyers and trusted brands together

When you’re buying online, you want recommendations you can trust. And our brands are just that: trusted.

Every day we inspire and advise our audiences on the essential products and services they need to fuel their passions from gardening to cycling to technology. Working across our online portfolio, our affiliates team helps our audiences make smart purchasing decisions, and engages with brands and online retailers to help drive their revenues.

We bring real insight, expertise and results to e-commerce partnerships. We use detailed SEO and audience insight to map our users’ needs and interests, and deliver highly-ranked, authoritative recommendations and reviews.

Our data-driven approach ensures that the right products are being surfaced to the right users, at the right time, enabling them to make the purchase that is right for them.

We constantly analyse and optimise our content, so that our audiences are well-informed and inspired, and our commercial partners benefit from higher revenues and sales.

“This fast-paced team brings a new approach to content, driven via data and analytics. They have strong relationships with our brand editorial teams, and deliver great results for partners.”
Mark Reen, Advertising Director

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Our services include:

We work with individual brands and online retailers in a variety of ways, to promote relevant products to our audiences and generate revenue:

Product reviews & recommendations

Our affiliate content producers are passionate about the latest products in their field. They independently review and rate hundreds every month, and provide links to buy direct from selected retail partners.

Native content

To really showcase your product or brand in detail, we can create high-quality promotional content just for you. Our team of writers and designers specialise in rich, engaging content which brings products to life and drives online sales.

Targeted, shoppable ads

Using our first-party audience insights, we can identify users who are closely aligned with your product, and then serve them shoppable advertising – so they can browse, click and purchase in a seamless journey.