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WWF is one of the world’s most widely recognised conservation organisations, working to protect nature in the UK and around the globe. It has a broad, diverse base of regular donors, and our communications expertise has helped encourage their continued and additional support.

Our portfolio of print products for WWF includes four-monthly updates for hundreds of thousands of animal adopters, with bespoke editions for adults and children. We also produce insightful magazines for WWF-UK’s members and supporters – adults and children – three times a year.

Online, we designed and developed the My Action content hub for members, which features exclusive articles. We also curate fortnightly emails that are sent direct to WWF-UK supporters.

As well as our regular work, we’ve collaborated on a number of special projects. Our Instagram campaign boosted WWF’s Eat4Change initiative, encouraging young people to eat more sustainably for the planet. And we devised an exclusive activity pack based on beloved children’s book The Tiger Who Came To Tea to drive fundraising for WWF’s TX2 wild tiger conservation project. 

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Keel-billed Toucan (Ramphastos sulfuratus) rests on a mossy branch at rainforest in Costa Rica
Three wild Bengal tiger - one mother and her two sub adult cubs, in a dirt track in the dry forests of Ranthambhore. The mother is walking towards the camera and one of her cubs is jumping on her tenderly, while the other cub is running towards them in the background.